201st Post

I meant to do something special last time, for my 200th post to the blog, but completely forgot.  Instead, in celebration of the 201st posting (this one), and partly due to a ridiculous degree of sleep deprivation, I’ll be leaving a link for good reading material down below.  My experiences in many ways were different than Mr. Wright’s: I stood up to a few of the bullies of my childhood, which got many of them to back down.  I was fairly apolitical until about halfway through my military career–by which time it was already apparent I was much more liberal than conservative.  But much of my reasoning behind many of my opinions and assertions are similar enough that I can say I agree with him wholeheartedly.  So, here’s the link.  And I’m going to get some sleep.  Enjoy, and I look forward to chatting with you next time.


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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