So, that’s how it’s going to be, is it?  Well, okay then.

The election for #45 has come and gone, and it certainly didn’t go the way I had hoped.  I’ll admit to spending a day or two in shock and despair.  As with most things in life, though, there’s nothing much to be done now except pick yourself up, dust off, and get back to work.  (“This too shall pass.”)

What happened, exactly?  Oh, the number of electrons being used right now to analyze, blame, parse, rationalize, sob, wail, and moan…  I’ve got a few thoughts on the matter (when do I not?), but I’ll try to keep it brief.

To go briefly into the blame game, I’d like to lay this one firmly at the feet of the baby boomers.  Apologies to any readers from that generation; while many of you as individuals are great, you as a group sometimes seem… less so.Trump’s largest bloc of support came from the boomers–“older white males.”  (To let emotion fully into the picture, and rant just a bit, I’ll opine that every time they’re given the chance–every single time–they’ve elected to screw over future generations.  Mine, my kids’, my eventual grandkids’… Pollution?  Peak oil?  Global warming?  The most recent economic collapse/depression/recession?  While I normally dislike the “us-vs-them” game, these are almost all on them, the Boomers.  This election was one more big, steaming pile of fuck you from the Boomers to their descendants. End rant.)

But let’s face a few simple facts:  They, as a group, have been trying to screw up this particular choice for about two decades.  This demographic tried to bring us Romney.  And McCain before him.  They succeeded, but mostly (mostly!) tripped over themselves with Bush.  And they did everything they could to make hell out of Clinton’s term.  But as to this election, there’s a thing:  they didn’t vote in significantly larger numbers than ever before.

The best analysis I’ve seen (by the numbers) (trying to find a link, but I’ve misplaced the article…) shows a couple of things, analyzing the last three elections.  First, the number of votes cast for the Republican candidate has remained more or less static, while the number of votes cast for the Democratic candidate has fluctuated wildly.  Second, Democratic voter turnout this time around was abysmally low.

In all, this means that the people who were going to vote for Trump came out and did so.  The people who might otherwise have voted (for a different Democratic candidate) didn’t.  So while it’s comforting to put the blame on the Boomers, really, folks, it’s not them.  Not completely.  Yes, the DNC gypped Bernie out of the candidacy.  But it’s not them, either.  In the end, it’s us.

Some other thoughts: I saw lots of calls (mostly from right-wing sites/people) for the abolition of the Electoral College. They’d rather things were completely up to a direct popular vote.  (I’ll have to see about doing a post on the Electoral College someday.)  I’m not generally for making such a change: the reason behind setting things up that way was so that every State mattered, in proportion to its population.  If it was a question of the direct popular vote, none of the candidates would hit anywhere outside the big cities.  (To be fair, they hardly do so these days–but it would become much worse.)  And what’s the majority demographic in the cities?  Liberals/progressives/left-wingers.  To say nothing of the fact that if things were up to the popular vote, according to the latest numbers I’ve seen, Hillary would have won.  (Heck, Gore would have won, back in ’00. Then we’d be in a completely different place…)  But the Electoral College sets things up to be fair across the states.  (Note: fair.  Not equal.  And they’re two quite different things.)

That’s a lot of words on that topic.  Picking up, dusting off, and moving on.  Next question: what do I see coming of this?

Well, it’s not going to collapse civilization (probably–at least, not directly).  We’ll probably see an economic depression.  Possibly some wars.  Things are likely to get really dicey in Eastern Europe, with Putin eyeing those former satellite states and dreaming of the glory of the Soviet Union.  Pollution levels are likely to jump, as we go full-tilt back into coal and other fossil fuels. Climate change?  Probably going to be irreversible (and barring the appearance of a supervolcano eruption or large meteor impact, probably ultimately what does for civilization as we know it).

I do see a point of darkest, blackest humor in all of this, though.  The Republicans control the White House, the Senate, and the House.  They’re certain to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.  But that means that it’s all on them.  They’ve got to govern, now–and I think they’ve forgotten how.  They’ve got to run the country, and be the “adults”.  Yes, it’s probably going to be painful for the rest of us. (Make no bones about it–it’s gonna suck.)  But they’re likely to crash and burn, too–enacting even half of Trump’s “first 100 days plan” (link to annotated NPR version) would have unintended consequences spinning so wildly, far, and quickly, that nobody’s certain just where things would end up.  And the Markets, as we know, hate uncertainty…

The biggest issue, really, is that the rest of us will be dealing with said consequences, and suffering mightily for it. But, we’ll also be here to start picking up the pieces afterwards.

I’ll be taking time off over the holidays–a little break is in order, the better to deal with the big break happening at the national level.  I probably won’t post again before early January, but I’ll still be around to read and reply to comments.  When I get back, I’d like to start talking about step-by-step things that can be done to increase your level of preparedness (plus I’ll have political commentary, I’m sure).  (Also, to pass some time, an interesting read, related to all of the above: Rules for Surviving an Autocracy.) Stay safe, out there!


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  1. mtxdoc says:

    Just a few points. The Electoral College was set up to protect the slave states, and it is not fair. It gives smaller states too much power. A better option is the National Popular Vote (Google it). Many Boomers (not enough, admittedly) did vote for HRC. If not for the Electoral College, the Russians meddling and the FBI interfering she would be President-elect.

    • “Fair” or “not fair” is arguable. The number of electors is determined by population in the census–the same way that the number of congressional representatives is. (In fact, the number of electors corresponds to the number of Reps plus the number of Senators for each state; it’s only as “unfair” as Congressional representation is, in that sense.) Now, are there “more fair” systems that we could use? Almost certainly. As to Russian meddling (significant, but probably only in feeding Wikileaks) and FBI interference (exceptionally bad timing on announcements that shouldn’t have been made), while I mostly agree, I fear those influences will be argued for a millenium or two… 🙂

      • Brian Ley says:

        you blog and views are absurd, but unfortunately not in the minority. I feel you cannot separate reality from fake news (term created by fake news main stream media and states run media t create the witch hunt, but of course non of their outlets will be affected despite the ability to prove their slant/fakeness/distortion/lying) and other propaganda impressed onto you through various ways. This claim of Russia involvement for example: intelligence agencies flip-flopped on agreeance until one agency said the other two agree then no comment from those two, you have the displayer of the emails, wikileaks, telling you it wasn’t Russia, but you don’t care, you have the DNC whistle blower regarding cheating against Bernie GET MURDERED, wikilaks puts bounty up for information of his death but that doesn’t matter either huh. why didn’t president say anything prior to election??? why can’t you see china is the only one challenging us militarily, economically, copying our military tech, hacking pentagon or getting leaked info to get mil tec? I could go on and on about believing known liars such as Obama and Hillary. yes I understand trump is a tall teller and I can explain to you their differences if you want. the main thing though is this propaganda the left is receiving with distorted facts and fake news. ask yourself what is the goal? why don’t they show you the project veritas undercover videos proving the corruption, coercion, cheating, voter rigging……its all there plain to see and independent journalism which is being labeled fake news caused it. this is the same as book burning that’s why I can’t understand how people with your views don’t see that is control to the max. that is controlling thought and speech. that is hitlerian control. when you hear trump fascist this and dictator that it is simply made up hysteria. proof: was there anywhere close to 30 electors read to flip for Hillary? NO. why did we hear that? Because they want 1/2 of this nation to flip out as they know they would….easily propagandized. I know this will open a can of worms but, you need to listen to alex jones on his radio app available 24/7. you do not have to agree or believe 100% of his views, as none of his listeners do, but you will get news with a humanitarian slant or and American slant and not a global agenda from known liars. and you will get to hear him play Rachael maddow and other who take his words out of context for demonizing him ( it’s usually hilarious).

      • Wow. Nope. Buddy, you really need to get out more.

    • Brian Ley says:

      I have read that too about the south and slave owners getting electoral started. so you can choose to look at it regarding slaves and lead to some slanted view based on that political point, or look a it generally…….electoral college gave states with smaller population, but having a distinctly different views from heavily populated states, but being part of the whole American states ( which is why slavery was even allowed into second drafts of the constituition simply to keep America as a whole following separation from great Britain) giving them an equal voting power to represent those americans in those states. you cannot have 15 counties make the decision for America. you cannot have states who disregard national law by creating state law allowing illegal aliens to vote and consider those votes in the count as popular vote against the hundreds of other counties in America. you cannot have votes of people flown in from other countries as “refugees” or any other guise as popular vote. you should not be allowed to give handouts and promises of welfare to megacity population for popular votes against the hundreds of other counties in America. I used to say popular vote is only way to go, only fair way, until the dishonesty, unlawfulness, conniving, plotting, cheating of the democrat party became so evident and so much more hell bound on things anti-American and anti-constitutional. the joke of Russia involvement in American election is hilarious and unproveable, except by leftist media, BUT the irony of the left being mad about foreign involvement just shows the levels of hypocrisy of the regressive left because: the leftist regressives as a whole want illegal aliens to vote, which is saying anyone can come across our border and vote for our president and vote themselves welfare……that is foreign involvement in our elections do you see that?? Refugees and other influx from muslim nations vote 80% democrat……do you see why just on the voting alone democrats want these people here. you cannot fly millions of people to Russia to vote out putin or to china to vote in a real democratic republic with human rights.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I’m still reeling and am frightened from the results of the election and we’re staring the reversal of more than 50 years of progress as a country in the face. So now that the Repubs are going to dismantle the social safety net, let big business run rampant to pollute the planet and screw over consumers, and turn the country and the world into this Wild West reality that they seem to idealize, with no government around to do anything except fight wars and police people on who can marry, what a person can and can’t smoke, and what a woman can and can’t do with her body, I see that it is more important than ever for progressives to start thinking about prepping and survival skills. Because according to the conservative worldview, the government can’t do anything right and the GOP plans to make quite sure that it won’t.

    • While I can’t say you’re wrong, I’m hopeful things don’t get that bad. That said, in the spirit of this blog, as well as my own belief-set, I absolutely agree with the importance of everybody thinking about these things.

    • BFL says:

      While not a guarantee, Trump is not a “standard” Republican and has indicated protection for Social Security and similar programs, and also to reign in government and big business (both parties have been “corporatists” in the past). As for “screwing consumers”, while true that fairer trade rules for more job protection reduces costs for those with safe jobs, it “screws” those that lose good paying jobs and also keeps average wages down. Also note that the “low employment” stat used does not take into account those permanently without lost work or that had to start over with less than full time jobs or at less salary (things are always way more complex than the press would have one believe/so much digging required). The same for illegals (and that is not racist since they are by law Illegal, if you want schengen, get a law passed or emigrate to Europe) and H1 Visa imports. I suspect most of the distrust of Trump is cognitive dissonance encouraged/caused by the liberal press attitude of “fascism”. As for “global warming” I will refer to a chart and a site below. However, I suspect that the blinder/earplug/La La La attitudes on these will be strong.

      • Hi! True, Trump isn’t a Standard Republican ™. But I think he’s been making ti quite clear that many (most?) of the things he campaigned on were sound bites, meant to win over the Average Voter ™, and not things he actually intended to do. There’s a lot of wait and see going on there.
        As for “global warming,” I believe the current term of art is “climate change.” And I think maybe you need to expand your pool of sources. Just sayin’.

      • BFL says:

        “As for “global warming,” I believe the current term of art is “climate change.”
        Think DEEP about that term “climate change”. What does that even mean, as climate changes drastically day to night and summer to winter, now “global warming” makes some sense but only if you believe the computer models and possibly rigged temp data. But there is the “consensus” for which no science should EVER be based on and when it is, immediately start looking at the opposite position. Other “issues” are the supposed increases in storms/intensity (none by data) and sea level rise (rate, emphasis on RATE, hasn’t changed significantly since measured, more actual data) which at about 1.5cm per decade is quite anemic. Anyone only paying attention to Al Gore, Hanson, MSM and similar is being fed quite the load. As anyone paying attention should realize these people/groups have been making these failed predictions for decades. See pic for a not unusual NOAA/GISS temp data box location but then there are also the climate gate E-mails. What do they say about many a man’s dishonesty depending on his salary or in this case billions of dollars in grants.
        As to the need to “expand your pool of sources”, I have, extensively, and would say pot meet kettle and please put a mirror to good use.

      • Yeah, no. There’s more than that. You’re out, buddy. Sorry.

  3. theleftheel says:

    I wish I had half your optimism. The truth is that a slow rise of right wing governments figureheads and the psudo press is incredibly frightening and reminiscent of the early 20th century. I fear a darker and more sinister conspiracy is unfolding and has been for the last 10 years. I began searching for sites like yours prior to the election because I was very sure of the outcome. The biggest problem with progressives and left wing groups in this country is they are completely ignorant of the fact that the opposition is well organized highly motivated and, worst of all, well armed. Progressive vets need to be the driving force in helping the left accept the fact that the political climate is growing dangerously unstable.
    I know this sounds incredibly paranoid but this administrations rise to power was conducted by a campaign of stoking fear, spreading misinformation, centralizing white nationalists, and even possible collaboration with a foreign government. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. A decentralized collaboration of very dangerous people meticulously rose to power and are poised to become so entrenched in federal and state positions that they may never get out of office. I fear for the country that my kids will get and will do everything I can to make sure they are prepared. Your site being one of my references. Thank you for what you’re doing here.

    • You’re welcome. (Really, I just needed a place to rant occasionally, and it’s grown from there.)
      I know what you mean about the optimism. Believe me, I under no circumstances think that this administration is going to make things fun or easy. And I’m also concerned by the rise of nationalism worldwide–the similarities to the early 20th c. are certainly not lost on me. We need to be firm in our convictions, and speak up when we see wrongs being done. That’s step one…

      • Sisi says:

        Well I’m resurrecting a dead tangent XD. I’m not sure if I should be happy or scared that I’m not paranoid the only one worried about nationalism :/ It certainly does feel like the 30s, doesn’t it? My family comes from a country who did their own brand of horrible shit to ethnic minorities during WWII, but mostly got a pass from historians because they weren’t part of the big three, so I’m more than a little worried about these new nutsos not being taken as seriously as they should be.

      • Nope, you’re absolutely not the only one worried about it. And it seems to be happening in lots of different places.

  4. Katie Herzog says:

    Hi, I’m a reporter looking for progressive survivalists and I’d love to speak with you. Please email me! Thanks!

  5. sukitawdry says:

    As a baby boomer I have to say your laying this at the feet of my generation isn’t entirely warranted. I was a delegate for Bernie. I campaigned for Bernie. I’ve been involved in anti-pipeline protests and lobbying to make the switch from old energy technologies to new ones. I’ve worked on environmental issues since the early 80s. I’ve been an state-level officer in one organization and a co-founder of another.

    This year I was pleased to see many young people interested and involved at rallies. However, when I went to the polls I didn’t see a single person under 30 waiting in line. The Xers are a bigger generation than the boomers, and if they’d have showed up at the polls, they could easily have changed the results of the election. You aren’t helpless children being led around by the hand of your parents any more. It’s going to be your world, you need to show up for it.

    • Hi! I appreciate what you’re saying… I *did* mention, did I not, that I was complaining in a fit of pique, that it was hyperbole, and that many Boomers are lovely people? Apologies if I offended…
      For what it’s worth, those of the fairly large cohort of X’ers that I know personally all voted–many of them did so early. We showed up; I think there were other factors.
      At any rate, I do hope you’ll stick around and chat!

  6. Robert says:

    In a word: Idiocracy

    If that means nothing to you, see the movie. Scary, but true.

    • Yeah; it does seem to be turning into a documentary, some days…

      • Robert says:

        Trump by himself is nothing — he’s a lot of awful things, but he’s just one man. The terrifying thing to me is NOT that some percentage of progressive voters did not show up in great enough numbers to defeat him in the election, the thing that literally keeps me up at night is that there are enough people who think he is the right man for that job that he was (through any means) able to become president. It is unfathomable to me. It is insane. And it says SO MUCH about who we have become as a species. It took millions of people to put him where he is. While not the literal majority, the fact that even one single person would think him a good presidential candidate would blow my mind. The fact that millions turned out for him… it’s beyond words.

        I recognize that getting on a soap box and complaining while offering no alternative or proactive actionable response, is useless… so I apologize for that. I don’t know how we can, as Utne Magazine has taken as their tagline, “Cure Ignorance”. I look at the billions of years it took life to form as single cells… and think about how it all led to this moment, and of all the bad turns and stumbling we’ve done in our brief history as a species, for me this election clearly illustrates the current trajectory of our collective evolution. The fact that within our population there were enough people to vote Trump into the highest office of our nation, is so profoundly disturbing to me that it has become a tipping point in my view of homo sapiens.

        We, as a nation, are finding arrogance in our own ignorance on a whole new level. The election is over, the people have spoken. And I’m sorry, but the people are… profoundly limited in terrifying ways (that was me exercising extreme self control). Perhaps that’s at least part of the impetus behind “left wing survivalists”. Ironic how many “right wing survivalists” probably voted for Trump. I used to be considered a ‘survivalist’, but lately I’m questioning whether this experiment we are all unwittingly part of has simply failed. Well, I’m old, and I and my peers will be leaving this yoke on younger shoulders. Good luck with that.

      • Jean, midwestgranny says:

        I too, am old. Growing up in the ’40s and ’50s was a beginning of discovery. we thought we had learned what hate and ignorance could do, only to discover that in winning a horrible war we simply helped open the science box of how to more efficiently commit suiside, and take most of the other species with us. Only had we realized that what we had created was a surer death than we realized, and begun to try to work to moderate our discovery, than we began systematically murdering our best human representatives and causing our young people and many of us to fall into a roughly 20 year period of grief, only to emerge to vote for a candidate that couldn’t win, but effectively created the win for one of the “most popular” worst Presidents, who is today almost worshipped by his deluded followers. Sound familiar? Ya, ’cause that same thing just happened again, along with a few modern flurishes. Yes, Trump is certainly the worst thing that has happened to this country in my lifetime, or at least the most potentially deadly. I doubt I will be around to survive the end of this grief period, and have my doubts that my grandchildren will survive this maniac and his associates, nor do I think those who do survive are likely to enjoy survival if they do. How do I explain to a son who tells me” ya but he is not going after whites, and as horrible as that statement is we are likely to be ok” He does perhaps understand what a horrifying statement that was, but he really does not understand that the consequences of Trump are not just to “others”. There are no innocent bystanders in a war. And I sadly fear that is where this country is headed, whether with ourselves or with others, it is coming. The old, and the youngest will not see the end of it. Sorry, speaking of rants, my sorrow sometimes gets the best of me. Meanwhile, there are the illusions of normalcy to maintain, and with it there are pies to make and gifts to wrap.

  7. Daniel D. Smith says:

    How do I get on touch with leftie preppers in San Jose CA?

    • Hi, and welcome! That’s a good question. I’d say that asking it here is a good, if small, first step. There are a few groups on Facebook you could ask. Or, I dunno… you could start a blog? 🙂

      • Scott says:

        There are probably more progressives interested in preparedness in the Bay Area than one would think. Likewise, it appears many people have similar concerns around institutions we’ve grown to trust, not being so trustworthy anymore. As a gen x-er, I can say that our generation is actually the minority, squeezed between the boomers and millennials, often getting ‘more of the blame and less of the credit’ than we deserve, to use Neil Howe’s words from The Fourth Turning – a book I highly recommend for those of us trying to make sense of the period we are in. I love the premise behind the blog, along with the rational, respectful dialog I have seen so far. My first time to the site and I hope to come back often.

      • Hi, and welcome, and please stick around!

  8. Chris says:

    “Yes, the DNC gypped Bernie out of the candidacy.”

    Great. Just great. I find an supposedly leftwing site like this and the first thing I see is this lovely bit of racism. Oh yes, I’m sure it was unintentional. That makes it ok, right? RIGHT?!?

    • Racism? Nothing involving race here at all. Please, explain…

      • Randal T. Mace says:

        It is amazing. You guys even do it to each other. I thought you only called Trump supporters racist. The snowflake Chris was “offended” by your use of the word “Gypped”. God help the lefty preppers as they face the horrors waiting for them in the red states. I actually live in a town without a Starbucks. In these parts a trigger warning is when you think the polishing job that Billy-Bob did to the sear of his Glock was a tad too aggressive.

      • A bit over the top. Not getting in, sorry.

      • Will West says:

        It’s language and communication and some people have developed extreme sensitivity to our adopted words. American English, probably more than any other language, is constantly adding new terms or modifying the definition of old words. It is normal for us and unconsciously accepted. It comes and goes. So out of curiosity I looked up the word at and found:
        1885-90, Americanism; back formation from Gypsy
        Gyp in the meanings “to swindle” or “a person who swindles” is sometimes perceived as insulting to or by Gypsies, since it stereotypes them as swindlers. However, gyp has apparently never been used as a deliberate ethnic slur, and many people are unaware that it is derived from Gypsy.
        So in that regard “Gypped” was probably the wrong word by definition but we knew what you meant. Ripped off. Bernie put his trust in the organization to play by the rules. The rules apparently had a cutthroat clause. (Cutthroat is all about trout right?)

  9. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read. Anyway, I’ll be over at where the winners are.

  10. Ann Deluty says:

    Wow, nice to find this site. I think I read too much SciFi, because what I see here is parallel realities. I don’t know where the Trumpies live but they are not in my world.

    • Scott says:

      “I don’t know where the Trumpies live but they are not in my world.”

      There’s a lot to be revealed in that statement. I think a lot of progressives would agree, however, it’s also very unfortunate that there is such a strong cultural, geographical, and ideological division in America at this point in time. There’s little room for compromise and moderate thinking. We’ve become a two-party state, with winners and losers – a zero sum game, which fits neatly into Trump’s view of the world. What concerns me more than Trump himself (arguably he’s starting to look like a garden-variety republican in terms of economic and social policy) was the sheer lack of a coherent plan. His platform ran solely on criticizing the existing administration and his opponent(s), without any detail or substance as to what he would actually do as president. And millions of people were okay with that. In all honesty, my vote for Clinton was hedging risk, since there was so much sensationalism and rhetoric surrounding Trump’s campaign that I felt I could not make an informed decision and had to rely on casting a vote opposing his statements, inability to articulate facts, poor attention span, narcissism, and previous actions as a businessman (over 3500 lawsuits). I was not, and am not, a fan of Clinton. But I felt she was the lesser of two evils. The country has spoken and Trump is soon to be our president. What I would really like to understand is why there is such vitriolic hatred towards Clinton and Trump, and what that speaks of the future of our democracy. The optimist in me hopes that maybe some good will come of a Trump presidency, since we now have to make the best of it. Perhaps a reinvigorated Democratic party, with a new message. Or, better yet, a grassroots centrist party that cares about economic equality and growth AND the environment AND sensible, progressive social policies that align with the division of church and state. Maybe journalism will experience a similar resurgence and go back to more objective, fact-based reporting that focuses on issues instead of being optimized for ad impressions and click-throughs. We’ve been convinced that our enemy is each other, separated by these strong, uncompromising ideologies, instead of learning how to respect our differences and work together towards a common goal and purpose. Very sad state of affairs, regardless of who is president, since one man/woman cannot solve this.

  11. mtgal says:

    While I have to admit that I haven’t read all the comments, I feel the need to emphasize to you and any “left wing” readers that those of us on the “right” were not all gung ho for either Romney or McCain. They were the candidate we were given. Ditto with the left and Hillary this time around. Look at what the DNC did to Bernie to prevent him from getting the nomination – super delegates that he had NO chance of getting. All Americans have to take a good, hard look at our system of nominating candidates (RNC & DNC) and come to the realization that we do not have a real election. We are given candidates and are allowed to make a choice between/among them. Like him or not, the same thinking American would concluded that Trump is right. The system is rigged.

    Hillary was the left’s bad candidate this time around just like McCain and Romney were for the right. In addition, I KNOW that the Arabs do not respect women. That is just their culture and it is not going to change no matter what we do or the President does. It is not only their cultural tradition it is their religion. As a woman, I am a realist about this. My safety depends upon our leaders and military. The US is not the UK or India, etc. The US is (maybe was?) a super power. We have to have a leader that will be respected.

    All that said, please do not try to reinvent the wheel. If you want to concentrate on politics, that is great. Good for you. However, all those “loony, gun toting, right wing religious fanatics” out there have been prepping for a long time. Try to look past “all that” and find the real gems – the preparedness info that you need.

    To all you lefties that are new to prepping, welcome to reality! Righties, if you give some of the websites a chance, are concerned with economic collapse, emp and outright war. Read history and learn what to expect. If you know what to expect you can prepare. Read about the economic collapse in Argentina, how the government “helped” during Katrina and Sandy, etc. We are not necessarily prepping for long term.

  12. Sarah says:

    UK prepper here..

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you said (minus the electoral college). We were in a similar fix last year with brexit and I too blame the baby boomers. They grew up in a time of relative financial safety and were *pretty much* guaranteed work and affordable housing. They are now disgruntled by the wave of young people ‘sponging’ off the system, needing social housing, social funding etc so tend to vote conservatively without actually looking into WHY our country is currently in the state it’s in. They are quick to blame the lazy youth or immigrants (a favourite of theirs) and were easily caught up in the ‘Make Britain great again’ campaign to leave the EU. Most of their arguments, although some were coherent, mostly focused on ill feelings towards refugees and other foreign sources of blame. They didn’t even consider that the Tory government who like trump weren’t interested in ordinary working class people, would get even more power over us. They were fooled by fake promises of more money for our NHS, better deals for UK companies etc.

    After brexit the people who voted to remain in the EU (mostly younger left wing) were told less than 24 hours after the vote to simply shut up and deal with it. The victors attempted to censor us and our outrage by stating that we couldn’t change anything, we were sore losers.. Much like I see currently happening to liberals in the US? I refuse to simply lie down and ‘deal with it’s. I have as much right to a voice as anyone else. Will it make anything change? Not directly. But if we all shut up and accept tyranny nothing will ever change.

    I’m currently surviving in the hope that once the older more conservative generations start to thin out a new wave of liberalism will spread across our culture’s. I just hope the current governments haven’t screwed us over too badly by that point.

    Anyway. Thanks for giving another insight into the world of prepping. I was starting to get a bit worn down by the constant right wing rants and propaganda 😉

    Keep blogging! 🙂 And good luck!

  13. WestCoastYogiPrepper says:

    This was an EXCELLENT post. Thank you for sharing.

    The hopeful idealist in me (despite my law enforcement line of work) had hoped The Donald was all smoke and mirrors, no action. Alas, he is speeding up our meteoric descent into collapse and my prepping has to pick up the pace…..

  14. Tea says:

    I know I am commenting on an old post here, but I find your casual use of a racial slur very off-putting. I generally expect that sort of thing from right-wing preppers, but had hoped not to encounter it here. Why say “g*pped” when there are plenty of inoffensive ways you could have phrased the same thought?

    Regardless of what your opinion might be on “political correctness” as such, there is always something to be said for just being a decent human being. Why hurt people when you can avoid it? Insulting the most widely persecuted ethnic minority in modern Europe, just for the sake of it, is simply cruel.

    I particularly want to make you aware of the fact that a quarter of a million Roma were killed in the Nazi death camps, and that Roma who survived the camps rarely received any compensation (as Jewish survivors did) because the post-WWII government alleged that it was not racial persecution but criminal punishment, since Roma were “commonly known to be thieves” long before the rise of the Third Reich.

    Many Roma communities today are still suffering forced eviction and other forms of persecution as a result of this stereotype, so please don’t think that furthering it is a “victimless crime.” It isn’t. Please consider being more thoughtful about this in the future.

    I’ve been reading through the archives, and was enjoying your blog a lot until I found this. Very disappointing!

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