A Fresh Start

Welcome back!  And, to those of you newly following since I was mentioned in the BBC article, welcome!

I’ve been taking a break for the better part of two months.  I hope and trust that everyone had a happy and safe holiday period.  Now I’m rested up, and ready to take on whatever fate throws my way.  (Buckle up–it looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride!)

Before I really get deep into more prepping discussions, I thought it would be good to lay a few ‘ground rules’ here, and temper expectations just a little.

Generally, I try to post every other Thursday.  This means that I’m most often typing a given entry up on the Wednesday evening prior.  (Yes, bad blogger–I should have several posts written at a time, “canned” and ready for use in case of emergency.  That I don’t is probably one of the subtler ironies of this blog…)  I could argue that it’s my way of keeping “up-to-date,” so that I can include late-breaking news, if need be.  In reality, Real Life(tm) often intrudes on my best-laid plans, so I often don’t get around to it that early.  Pick your reason.

I’m open to letting folks of whatever stripe–left, right, center, libertarian, whatever–post comments.  I certainly won’t agree with everybody–but that’s one of the joys of us being individuals, don’t you think?  All I ask  is that you keep it civil, and that you make an attempt at coherent, grammatically correct writing.  If your “comment” runs to a couple of hundred words, and you use either ALL CAPS or no caps at all, especially if you use no punctuation (or use it wildly incorrectly), I’ll probably not allow the post.  If your post is basically an unhinged rant, disconnected from all reality, ditto.  For the civility, don’t be rude.  You can disagree, but my comments section isn’t the place to try to convince others… If that’s what you want to try, you’re welcome to start your own blog. (I’m told that WordPress is a good hosting site, and it’s free…)

I do occasionally review things–books, gadgets, other blogs, news articles.  I don’t get paid to do it, nor do I receive anything from the authors/manufacturers/retailers for doing it.  I’m not against receiving things to review; I merely haven’t yet.  Any equipment manufacturers interested in letting me “play” with some of their gear, my email is in the “about me” section.  One thing I do participate in is the Amazon Associates program; most times, a link to a piece of gear or a book goes through them, and I get a small percentage of your sale.  Let me be clear, though, I absolutely do not depend on that for any significant portion of my income.  I have a day job.  The (very small, to date) ‘residuals’ pay for me to get more preps done.

All that being said, watching the political fireworks (such as they are) since the election has me a bit torn.  Do I want to shift into overdrive, and get as much long-term prepping done as I can, while I can?  Or just leave things to advance at their current rate, and grab the popcorn to watch the spectacle?  (For what it’s worth, while I am trying to speed things up a bit, there are only so many dollars and so many hours…)

We’ve been continuing “Electricity-Free Fridays,” difficult as that may be at times.  We’ve got the garden planned for the spring (and the fall, too, for that matter).  The hens are laying.  The grains are growing.  Over the coming months, I intend to walk through a few “starting points” for those who are just beginning. I hope to nudge a few folks into some “outside-the-box” thinking (my wife can’t go through the electrical department at the hardware store without coming up with three or four other-than-intended uses for the stuff there). And I hope to discuss what’s going on with the nation, and the world, a bit, as well.  Please, stick around and join the fun!


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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5 Responses to A Fresh Start

  1. Norbert Huntley DC says:

    I just ran across your site and have reviewed it
    I must say that it is a breath of fresh air to see a concise, rational & open alt-left site
    I am an independent since the Iranian hostage crisis
    I am issue focused and a long time prepper
    I am a Boy Scoutmaster as well
    I live in the pacific northwest
    Keep up the good work
    Dr. Bert

  2. Good to have you back.

  3. WestCoastYogiPrepper says:

    My anxiety over the current state of affairs in our country has been gradually increasing since The Donald was elected. I am now a fully committed progressive prepper. I have only just found your website but i am excited there is a safe space to talk prepping with people who aren’t hate mongers and fascists. Here are a few things i am working on:

    1) obtaining land in the country
    2) budget underground bunkers (DIY & prefab)
    3) all around extreme wilderness survival skills

    I do not believe the world will suddenly come to an end. However, our power grid is vulnerable as we learned from the east coast black of 2003, infectious diseases are becoming impervious to modern treatment, our president is an idiot…..and i have a 9 month old to keep alive. So, any info, links or references you can share regarding selecting good land to farm/live on would be much appreciated. I am extremely fiscally conservative and plan to approach this from a shoe string budget/DIY perspective. Thank you for blogging.

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