Prepping Lists Part Two, Again

Hi, folks!  I’m back with a rare “between-weeks” post, as we continue through the BoB list as provided by Family Survival Planning.  Last week, we covered Warmth & Shelter and Cooking, Heating, & Light.  Without further ado, let’s move on to this week’s topics.

As I go through what’s on the list and my recommendations, I’ll be linking to products on Amazon.  If you click the link and make the purchase, you help support my site (and preps) at no additional cost to you.  Don’t just purchase there, though–shop around.  If you find a better price on an item elsewhere, please buy it there, and save yourself the money.

  • Water & Hygiene Items
    • 12 – Five-year Shelf-Life Drinking Water Pouches, 4.2 oz. each. (I’m not fond of the idea of packing out water; being on the relatively wet Eastern Seaboard, I’d rather filter the water that’s widely available. If you’re out in the Western deserts, this may be viable for you.)
    • 1 – 2.5 gallon Water Carrier, to be filled prior to an evacuation. (This makes a little more sense than the pouches, although you’d still end up hauling 20 pounds of water. Your mileage may vary.)
    • 10 – U.S. Military MICROPUR Water Purification Tablets. (Link is to a Katadyn-brand 30-pack. We’ve got LifeStraws and a hiking-style pump filter, but these are lightweight enough to add to the list.)
    • 1 – Small Roll Tissue Packet. (I’m not certain if it’s what they had in mind, but we’ve got some dry, pre-soaped cleansing cloths, as well as a few travel packets of tissues.)
    • 3 – Sanitary Disposable Toilet Bags.
    • 1 – Soft Toilet Tissue Roll. (I like having a roll or two of degradable toilet paper in the packs.)
    • 4 – Clothes Wrap Bags. (We keep a change of clothing in roll-up travel bags, and have some DrySacks as well.)
    • 1 – Small Bar of Soap.
    • 2 – Toothbrushes.
    • 1 – Tube of Toothpaste (travel size).
    • 1 – Hair Comb.
    • 18 – Wet Wipe Towelettes. (See the Tissue Packet, above. I’ve had problems with the packets of wet-wipes drying out.)
  • First-Aid
    • 1 – Deluxe First-Aid Kit with 60 Essential First Aid Items. (Awfully specific. I like the Northbound Train kits, but shop around, and find one you like.)
    • 1 – First Aid Book. (Again, shop around. Also, look into first-aid training for the adults in your group; check the local Red Cross, YMCA, and other organizations.)
    • 4 – Surgical Latex Gloves. (The link is to 10-mil, heavy-duty surgical gloves. Look around, if you want lighter-weight ones, but these are good enough to limit bee-stings; as such, they’re less likely to rip at inopportune moments.)
    • 5 – Sanitary Napkins. (Many uses, besides the obvious. Likewise for tampons–pick your favorite.)
    • 2 – Ceralyte Electrolyte Drink. (Or your favorite brand.)
  • Food Items
    • 6 – MRE Complete Meal Units, or freeze-dried food pouches. (Next week, I hope to go over the “food kit” we’ve assembled for our BoBs.  MREs are, if nothing else, simple to find, and don’t require much thinking about.)
    • 1 – 3600 Calorie Emergency Cookie Rations. (I assume they mean something like these. It’s certainly calories, and will keep body and soul together for a while. Can’t promise anything for the taste, but if it’s an emergency…)
    • 1 – Bag of High Energy Candy. (Again, I don’t know exactly what they mean, specifically. I’d go with something in the “hard sugar” category, that won’t spoil or go bad, and won’t melt or otherwise get sticky.)
    • 6 – Emergen-C Energy Drink Packets. (Or, your favorite brand of powdered drink mix.)
  • Miscellaneous Survival Items
    • 1 – Premium Heavy-Duty Nylon 3-Way Carrying Storage Bag. (Not specific enough, this time.  I think they mean a messenger-type bag, but can’t be certain.)
    • 1 – Solar Dynamo AM/FM Radio with 4-Way Power. (These I’m more familiar with. I like the Kaito KA500 series, or its relatives. Shop around, though, and see what you prefer.)
    • 1 – Military Quality Tri-Folding Emergency Shovel. (We’ve got entrenching shovels in our vehicle emergency kits, but I can see their use in a BoB. I’m just concerned over the extra weight.)
    • 1 – 50′ Paracord. (This is pretty ubiquitous. It has its uses, yes, but I’m still a little baffled by the cult following this stuff has.  If you’re going to get some, make sure it’s mil-spec type III or type IV, to ensure an adequate weight rating for anything you’d want to do with it.)
    • 14 – Potassium Iodide Tablets, for radiation emergencies. (In my opinion, this is verging over into paranoia. On the other hand, they’re inexpensive and lightweight, and have long shelf lives. Your call.)
    • 1 – Emergency Survival Whistle. (There’s many types out there; this almost becomes a fashion choice.)
    • 1 – Small Sewing Kit with Needle, Thread, & Buttons.
    • 1 – Swiss Type 15 Function Pocket Knife. (Or a Leatherman, or Gerber Tool, or other similar multi-tool.)
    • 1 – Pair of Leather Gloves. (Pick your brand and style.)
    • 2 – Hospital Grade N95 Folding Surgical Masks. (My only quibble is that I’d have put these up in First Aid.)
    • 1 – Notepad.
    • 1 – Writing Pen.
    • 1 – Pencil.
    • 1 – Deck of Playing Cards.

And that’s their BoB.  Whew!  What a list.  Next week, I’ll go over things that they don’t have, and talk about our pre-packed “food kits.”  Until then!


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