Finishing Up the BoB

As promised, this week we’ll finish out our look at the Family Survival Planning 72-hour kit/Bug-Out-Bag.  This time through, I’ll be going over a few things I feel they missed, and briefly describing our “food kits.”  I do very much like the list thus far, but I a couple of minor tweaks would make me feel better about them.

First, a good addition would be a set of documents: copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, insurance paperwork, mortgages, DD-214’s, and whatever else you can think of of that nature. I’m a bit of a tech junkie by nature, so I like the idea of having electronic copies on flash drives. However, for a variety of reasons (to include the legality of them, as well as EMP mitigation–if we’re going paranoid, let’s go all the way), I can’t recommend doing that. A far better way to go would be paper copies; make certain to get them properly certified (ask your insurance agent, or your bank, if they can certify copies of documents). Also, fairly recent maps of the local area. (Compasses and other navigation tools are useful, but they’re a whole other post.)

There are lots of different ways to make water safe(r) to drink. They listed the purification tablets, and I mentioned filters. If the water looks clean, is likely free of chemical contaminants, but may be biologically unsound, the SteriPen is an option (albeit a pricey one), as is a simple solar pasteurization technique (followed by additional filtering, if possible).

I mentioned having a complete change of clothes in the bag?  Don’t forget footwear.  I’ve got several changes of socks (one of the most important things out there), as well as a nice set of broken-in military-issue boots. I also keep the most recently replaced of my prescription glasses in the bag–not a necessity for everybody, but useful for an emergency.

I would also make sure to have spare batteries (I prefer rechargables) for anything in the bag that needs them, particularly flashlights. While you’re there, a foldable solar charger is a good supplement to the multi-source/crank radio.

Then there’s the food kit.  The contents of ours vary somewhat, depending on what we can find to put in them, and on our tastes at a given moment.  For a container, we use the containers from the packet-type laundry detergents (like this)–they only need a quick rinse to be “cleaned,” and have multiple uses beyond simply holding food in one space.

As to what to put in them, here’s the contents of mine, as of last night:

  • Two vacuum-packed generous handfuls of beef jerky;
  • In a zip-up sandwich bag:
    • Three packets of instant oatmeal;
    • Two granola bars;
  • In a zip-up sandwich bag:
    • Two packets of instant hot cocoa;
    • Three individually-packed fruit leathers;
  • In a zip-up sandwich bag, a large handful of hard candies;
  • In a zip-up sandwich bag:
    • Four small boxes of raisins/craisins;
    • Eight packets of powdered energy drink mix;
  • One large pouch of a rice-and-pasta instant meal mix;
  • One can ravioli;
  • A zip-up sandwich bag with one or two dozen strike-on-pad matches, with the strike-pad in a separate bag;
  • A Bic-style lighter;
  • A three-pack of solid fuel tablets; and
  • A lightweight, fold-up stove.

I’ve also in the past had microwavable-style meal pouches. I won’t have a microwave, but if I can start a fire to heat them up, that’ll do. (For a cooking container, I like using the can from the ravioli–which does entail eating the ravioli first, but that’s a small price to pay.) Could I replace the whole thing with MREs?  Yes.  And while they would last longer, the variety isn’t necessarily there. Would the MREs have more daily calories? Yes, but this is designed to help me survive, not to do three days of hard labor–my plan includes less ‘bugging out,’ and more ‘bugging in.’ (And I keep two such food containers, one in the bag, and one on a shelf, ready to go.) Yes, I need to go through the container and replace some of the food items on a regular basis–but it gives me an excuse to check/update the other things in the BoB.

So there you have it.  The food kits are a constant work-in-progress, but then, the entire BoB is, to a large extent. As my plans for the bags change, so do the contents.  Any questions or comments?

My next post, in two weeks’ time, will examine the Get Home Bag, or car-kit.  I don’t agree with the Family Survival Planning folks completely, here, so I’ll be diverging from their script a bit.  I hope you’ll join me!



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3 Responses to Finishing Up the BoB

  1. mltapper says:

    I really like your blog, and in what I believe will be the waning days of the republic, it is important to prepare. I live in a very liberal place, and there are plenty of people with whom I have common values. Getting people to talk about preparedness, though, is excruciating. My friends and community steadfastly believe that only right wingnuts do any prepping. How to bridge the gap?

    • Thanks!
      There seem to be only a few ways to change their minds. Least positive, but most effective, is approach them after a crisis with a “here’s how we can prevent/mitigate those difficult times afterward.”
      Much more positive is to not address it as “prepping for the end-of-days,” but rather as being ready to deal with (pick your local catastrophe). If you woke up in the middle of the night, and your house was on fire, and you only had 30 seconds to grab something on your way out, what would you grab? (If you had a 72-hour bag, you’d be set…) Similarly, the folks in Oroville had to evacuate on short notice. I’ve had to evacuate for hurricanes and tsunamis from various places. Extended power outages can happen just about anywhere.
      Try those approaches, and see if you get traction. 🙂

    • Randi says:

      I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brotehr out.

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