Don’t Forget, Part 2

Moving back this week to the “50 survival items you forgot to buy” list:

16. Condiments.  Ketchup, mustard, mayo, soy sauce, hot sauce. Good for shorter-term emergencies (I’d see about getting restaurant packets), but for longer term, or TEOTWAWKI, I’d learn to make my own.

17. Condoms.  A commenter in the first iteration mentioned birth control–here you go.  Plenty of other uses, as well.

18. Cotton balls.  Dozens of uses. And they’re cheap, and pack very compactly.

19. Duct Tape.  If you’re a “typical” prepper, there’s no way this isn’t already in your kit. Even if you’re not, I’m constantly surprised by the people who’ve never dealt with the stuff.

20. Ear plugs. A surprising number of things can damage your hearing, even post-SHTF. As the original posters point out, though, when it becomes that quiet, every little noise is going to wake you up–but make sure there’s somebody standing guard, in case that noise is important…

21. Floss.  More important than a tooth brush. What you don’t want is for a dental emergency to compound your “normal” emergency, if you can help it.

22. Games.  Board games, card games, any sort of non-powered game.  All the more important if you’ve got kids. (If you’ve been following me, you know this is a standard part of my pack-out–at least a deck of cards.)

23. Glasses and repair kits.  If you wear them, have a backup pair, and a means to repair them. My prescription hasn’t significantly changed in years; I tend to keep my “last” pair (as long as they’re not completely destroyed).  And I can put my hands on no fewer than three repair kits…

24. Glow sticks. “A great way to find your way around in a dark house.” Maybe so, but they’re single use, (typically) bulky for the amount of light, and don’t last as long as you’d like.

25. Goggles.  They include the “safety” type, and the “swimming” type. Heck, add in the “welding” type while you’re at it. It’s a mad world, out there.

26. Hand sanitizer.  Good for “proper sanitation.”  I’d rather have something that can actually clean me, but sanitizer will do in a pinch.

27. Instant coffee.  Their heart’s in the right place, but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere. I’ll deal with the headaches–they go away after a day or two.

28. Map of your town.  Paper maps are never offline.  (Or, maybe, they’re always offline…) They don’t need batteries.  And they’re a standard part of my recommended list…

29. Paper plates.  Again, good for shorter-term emergencies.  Over the longer haul, they’re at best two-use items, then they’re gone.  The one benefit is that you don’t need to wash them (conserving your water).

30. Pencil and paper.  Here again, a “standard” part of my list.

31. Pet supplies. Food, grooming, leashes, etc. If you’ve got a given need, your pet probably has an analogous one. Don’t forget them!

32. Planting pots. This is an interesting suggestion. “Plants are often easier to grow in pots than in the ground.”  My issue would be storing the potting soil to use in them…

33. Plastic sheeting. A surprising number of uses, and not one I’d have come up with.

34. Powdered butter and eggs.  They recommend powdered, for storage duration.  We’ve got an experiment going on storing eggs (for a later post); I suppose powdered butter beats nothing at all.

35. Powdered juice mix.  One more thing that’s already in my list. Beats only having plain water–and can provide electrolytes, too.

That’s it for this time around–next time up, we’ll finish off the list, then maybe talk politics a little.  I hope all of you in the U.S. had a happy Independence Day, and that you’ll stick around for next time!


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4 Responses to Don’t Forget, Part 2

  1. And certainly tobacco product for those who partake.

  2. I always have an ample supply of upholstery and sailmaker’s needles, an awl, and sailmaker’s thimbles and gloves.

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