Raging Dumpster Fire

I took a bit of a risk, last time, in assuming that there would be something “political” to write about, this time.  It was a calculated risk, and I considered it a safe bet, given that the President can’t seem to go 48 hours without tweeting something truly repugnant. (Note: not “offensive to liberals,” but something repulsive to any thinking person.)

I mean, the surprise of this administration so far, in my opinion, at least, isn’t that it’s a train wreck. I expected it would be. No, the surprise has been just how big a train wreck it’s been–and we’re only six months through it, may the gods help us. The last two weeks have provided material to talk about for years; certainly more than I could have predicted. The firing of Priebus? Spicer quitting? The hiring-then-firing of Scaramucci?  (Really, do you want someone in your administration with the nickname “the Mooch”?)  Kelly moved from DHS to COS? Trumpcare collapsing in the Senate? Trump’s tweet about transgender troops? That he dictated his son’s press release–you know, the one that was almost immediately proven to be false?  Any of the number of things I’m missing?

On that front, we’re certainly not short of topics.

But I’d like to shift focus a little.  One refrain I’ve heard over and over from Trump supporters is “how much he’s accomplished in such a short time,” and how all of these accomplishments are being ignored by the media, and we should just give him a chance.

This seems like–well, like utter idiocy to me, not to put too fine a point on it. I’ve looked for lists of “Trump accomplishments,” and come up pretty short. Yeah, he’s issued Executive Orders to rescind a lot of Obama-era policies… But those policies were enacted to benefit the people cheering their cancellation, for the most part–and they won’t start to feel the bite of the new “policies” for a little while. (It took Silent Spring to really bring our attention to environmental pollution, last time; what will it take, next time?)  Okay, he got Gorsuch on the Supreme Court…  but I’ve a suspicion that anyone he nominated, so long as they had a pulse and couldn’t overly offend Senate Republicans, would have ultimately been approved; I don’t count it as an achievement, never mind a positive one.

No, the main accomplishments I’ve seen include: ticking off, or scaring the ever-loving hell out of, our allies; legitimizing a number of regimes that really we’d rather not see legitimized; made a laughing-stock of the White House and the Presidency; undermined the military, the intelligence community, and many other Executive Branch departments…

Not positive descriptors, by any means. And none of that is even bringing up “the Russia thing”–which I won’t do, except to mention it here… This one truly staggers the imagination.

Yeah, were I to describe the administration so far, I’d call it a raging dumpster fire–in a dumpster filled with soiled diapers and old tires.

Next time, let’s get back to something comprehensible, and talk prepping some more. I hope you’ll stick around!


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