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Into Every Life…

My plan for this week was to go through a list found in my extensive browsing of the internet.  The list topic? “Master List of Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse.” I’ll get to the list (maybe next time), but … Continue reading

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I Normally Eschew Predictions…

But… Especially in light of the s**t-show that was the Republican Convention last week, and looking where I feel far too many people in this country want things to go… This is probably far more accurate than I really care … Continue reading

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I’ve suffered a major hard drive crash… I’m trying to get it fixed ASAP. In the meantime, I’m offline. I’ll try to resume next week. Thanks for your patience!

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Commentary, and a List

This week was going to “just” be a list, as I mentioned in my last post…  Then reality intervened.  I’ll get to the list in a moment, but first these thoughts. Another young man recently died, under somewhat mysterious circumstances, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Do This Again?

So, I had an idea all teed up for this week’s post, involving my bafflement at the right-wing media’s “sudden” realization that Palin is a crackpot, when Real Life ™ intervened, and reminded me why I do this prepping thing. … Continue reading

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The Season of Cider

So, this weekend we had a number of folks over for a “cider-pressing” party.  It was a lot of fun–(nearly) everybody brought a bunch of apples.  We used my refurbished cider press, got the apples (quite the mix–mostly Cortland, with … Continue reading

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Now They’ve Done It

Well, the world keeps flirting with total chaos… Closest to home, our ‘domestic’ Ebola patient died. I’m not surprised–this is, after all, an illness with no medical cure, and a strain that’s running over a 50% mortality. In fact, so … Continue reading

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