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Sometimes It’s What You Know

It’s always a little fascinating seeing the lists of skills it would be “good to know after the collapse.”  I’m struck that it seems to always have the same handful of skills–all very useful, of course, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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Community building

Recent posting (and commenting) on thoughts of Community got me to pondering what, if anything, can/should be done as far as building your local community.  I know that there are “sustainable community” movements out there–the Transition Network leaps immediately to … Continue reading

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The Island

As mentioned last week, this week’s post is about community.  Particularly as it relates to the third of my “Four Points:”  your neighbors are a resource as important to your survival as your stockpiles.  TheAuthor asked how I’m implementing that … Continue reading

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Diversions, maybe not so brief…

Further yet, in the “ooh, shiny!” files, letting me wander further about the Interwebs and letting you know what I’ve found: There’s another blog out there that has struck my fancy; it’s from a homesteading family (well, the mother of … Continue reading

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