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I Normally Eschew Predictions…

But… Especially in light of the s**t-show that was the Republican Convention last week, and looking where I feel far too many people in this country want things to go… This is probably far more accurate than I really care … Continue reading

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That Was Sudden

Not exactly where I had intended to start, this week, but it’s a significant enough development that I can be flexible. So, Cruz has “suspended his campaign,” leaving (realistically) only Trump as a viable Republican candidate (and believe me, I … Continue reading

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Equipment, Part 1

As promised, I intend to take a look or two at some equipment over the coming months.  I hope to be rather tongue-in-cheek about it all, while still providing accurate reviews, the better to decide for yourselves whether the stuff … Continue reading

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Scared, Yet?

If not, you might not be paying attention. Now, this isn’t an existential dread. No, this is a worry for what may be coming–another type of disaster, if you will; one that I fear is more than a little bit … Continue reading

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Well, it’s been a very trying couple of weeks.  The weather has been–let’s call it “less than cooperative”. There are family issues to work out. My workplace is in a state of flux. And then the technical issues of the … Continue reading

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As Was Mentioned Earlier

Yes, it’s the silly season.  In addition to the domestic chaos I mentioned last week, the news of late has been full of–well, let’s just say, there’s not enough facepalm in the world. It’s been fascinating, in a train-wreck sort … Continue reading

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Continuing In Delusion

The last week and a half or so has been amazing, in more than one respect. In the Washington, D.C., area, we had Popemageddon, followed by the shocking (shocking!) budget showdown over Planned Parenthood and near Government shutdown (again!). The … Continue reading

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