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Inching Closer to a Collapse?

Yes, I said I’d avoid “current events” posts, but frankly, things have been getting a bit strange. More so than normal. We’ve got a former FBI Director, and life-long Republican, going toe-to-toe with the current president (who got a big … Continue reading

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Sometimes, the News

Another short post this week, as the Impending Move ™ moves yet again.  Problems with bank #1, so giving things a go with bank #2; thus far, things are much improved. There are days when I can’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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Survival Question Number Ten: News

Well, here we are: the tenth and final question in our list of basic survival questions.  The final topic is the news: 10.  Do I really know what’s going on in the world?  If you don’t know what’s going on, you … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Well, readers, spring has sprung!  (As of last week, actually…)  That means that warmer weather is on its way, at least for those places it hasn’t already been for several weeks.  It also means that it’s time once again to … Continue reading

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A quick perusal…

An admission:  for a quick glance at the political news of the day, I generally turn to a small handful of places; one of my favorites is Reddit, especially the Politics subreddit.  It is admittedly very left-leaning, as is most … Continue reading

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