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I Normally Eschew Predictions…

But… Especially in light of the s**t-show that was the Republican Convention last week, and looking where I feel far too many people in this country want things to go… This is probably far more accurate than I really care … Continue reading

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Mindless fun

Nothing really substantive as such, this week–work’s been hell, and we’ve been helping a friend get a wedding together…  Which is not to say that nothing’s going on in the world.  The US has its first case of Ebola–so, if … Continue reading

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What will it be like?

I’ve seen a number of posts elsewhere recently that began with, “When the Collapse happens…” or, “After the Collapse…”  I thought I should weigh in again on that. As I believe we’ve established, I’m not a believer in Fast Collapse.  … Continue reading

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It’s a Brand New Year!

Some folks, unfortunately, seem not to have gotten the message.  The Congress, back from its holiday break, continues merrily along either doing nothing or else actively harming a large portion of the public.  The Religious Right ™ is practically foaming … Continue reading

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Bringing to the Table

I’ve seen a common meme popping up nearly everywhere of late, so it’s only reasonable that I should address it.  The particular idea I have in mind can be phrased as: “What do I bring to the table?”  In simpler … Continue reading

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Renaissance man?

One area of prepping that seems a little under-covered is that of personal skills.  To be fair, the “Usual Suspects” of the Prepper world (Rawles, etc.) do go into the concept a bit: in the event of a full-on Big … Continue reading

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What It Might Look Like

Recently, I’ve been going through the Crash Course materials from Dr. Chris Martenson (on his Peak Prosperity website; the Course is also available on Youtube). Broadly speaking, I like them. I’m only about halfway through, but the presentation is fairly … Continue reading

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