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A Fresh Start

Welcome back!  And, to those of you newly following since I was mentioned in the BBC article, welcome! I’ve been taking a break for the better part of two months.  I hope and trust that everyone had a happy and … Continue reading

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Right Where We Left Off…

See what I did there? So, a few changes have happened around the country and around the world in the last month, to say nothing of what’s been going on here on the homestead. Russia is still being belligerent, hasn’t … Continue reading

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Two weeks off…

Between a lovely late-Spring/early-Summer cold, and spending the next few weeks running around like my hair’s on fire, I simply don’t have it in me to write for today.  I’ll be taking next week off from posting as well; I’ll … Continue reading

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Survivalism – Not Rambo-ism.

Welcome back, and happy new year!  In the interest of continuing the train of thought from my last post, trying to elucidate somewhat on the nature of my prepping, I’ll be quoting (quite a bit, but hopefully not too extensively) … Continue reading

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A Little Clarification.

There’s been a bit of an up-tick in readership numbers on this blog in recent days.  While not in and of itself a bad thing, I’m always curious to see how folks have found it–I don’t advertise; it usually comes … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Radical Left-Wing Survivalist Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!  For security’s sake, I won’t directly identify myself or anyone in my family here, nor will I divulge locations.  Here’s a quick intro to what this blog is about, and why I’m doing this: I am … Continue reading

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