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Inching Closer to a Collapse?

Yes, I said I’d avoid “current events” posts, but frankly, things have been getting a bit strange. More so than normal. We’ve got a former FBI Director, and life-long Republican, going toe-to-toe with the current president (who got a big … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming!

Well, autumn, anyway.  If you’re somewhere that has a solid four seasons, now is not a bad time to double-check your GHB/BoB contents.  Check for anything that’s expired, and replace it. Make sure you’re rigged for cold weather/winter–is there a … Continue reading

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From another planet

There were a couple of articles last week in the Washington Post that, in my opinion, perfectly summed up much of what I think is going on in the minds of the far right.  They are, as my title suggests, … Continue reading

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Silver Bells and Cockleshells

At the least, that’s how the garden feels–lots of wonderful imaginary things.  Normally, by this time of year, we would have been hardening off the earliest seedlings and finishing getting the garden beds ready.  The weather hasn’t been cooperating, and … Continue reading

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Hurting my Head – Make It Stop

So, there’s apparently been a nationwide outbreak of crazy recently.  That’s the only thing I can come up with to explain it. First, there were some folks convinced that alien spacecraft had landed on the moon, and were visible.  A … Continue reading

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Technical issues…

Good morning, all– Due to some technical issues, today’s post (the BoB finale, finally!) won’t be up until this evening. Sorry for the delay! –LeftWing Survivalist

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An Open Letter

Sorry, all, I have to rant a bit this week. An open letter to a variety of folks: If you send me forwarded emails, especially political ones: Please take one of a few different actions. I’d prefer if you at … Continue reading

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