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More Odds and Ends

I’ve been a bit scatter-brained, of late–mostly I’m just tired, from working a full-time job, managing a growing herd of “junior” employees, working on home renovations, and trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep up with “farm things.”  As … Continue reading

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Shocked. Shocked, I am…

No, really.  Did I call the current administration a “raging dumpster fire” last time around?  It seems, over the last week, to have gotten even worse.  Incredibly, horribly, worse.  Unbelievably so.  Apparently, “rock bottom” has a basement. So the administration … Continue reading

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Keeping Cool

No, I’m not talking about the weather–even though this chunk of the Eastern Seaboard has been running about twenty degrees below average, not to mention the rain.  Nor am I talking about politics, however easy it is to get all … Continue reading

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But… Why?

Despite what you may be thinking, this isn’t primarily about politics.  (The question certainly applies, though–in lots of different manners.)  No, this was posed to me by a coworker, as we talked about the various goings-on and such on my … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

I was going to talk about the presidential primary races this week, with “special emphasis” on the Republicans.  However, if you’ve been anywhere near any sort of media outlet, you’re probably well aware of everything that’s been going on. (The … Continue reading

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Early Springtime Thoughts

Springtime “officially” comes tomorrow, and given the weather this winter, it couldn’t come soon enough.  I’m eager to get things in the ground–just as soon as I can actually see the ground, after all the snow has melted.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Garden Explosion

First, as I was going to work on Wednesday, on NPR I caught a smidgen of Mr. David Perdue’s speech, after winning the Georgia Republican Senate primary.  He wants to go to Washington, and (among other things) try to help … Continue reading

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