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Well, then.  Last night’s off-cycle elections were almost enough to break the profound political funk of the last year or so. In a closely-watched race, largely seen as a referendum on Trump, Virginia Dems managed to not only pull off … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

Welcome back!  And, to those of you newly following since I was mentioned in the BBC article, welcome! I’ve been taking a break for the better part of two months.  I hope and trust that everyone had a happy and … Continue reading

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We’re back!

I hope everyone’s holidays were happy! Mine went reasonably well, despite having to unexpectedly replace a car, and working around a number of other schedules which seemed to change at random. Still, we made it. In pondering life over the … Continue reading

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Another List!

This week, we’ve got something from Natural News.  It’s your basic “emergency kit” infographic; basically, a list (as we’re so fond of), presented in photographic form.  Without any further introduction, let’s get into it: They start with a minimum of … Continue reading

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I’m out…

No post this week, folks.  The kids have been back in school a bit over two weeks, which is almost exactly the incubation time for whatever bugs they’ve brought back from the petri dish…  Between being sick, and probably overdoing … Continue reading

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Right Where We Left Off…

See what I did there? So, a few changes have happened around the country and around the world in the last month, to say nothing of what’s been going on here on the homestead. Russia is still being belligerent, hasn’t … Continue reading

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June off

In light of the surprising number of things going on this month–many of which will be taking me out-of-state–I’ll be taking the month of June off. Tomorrow (the 6th), remember to thank a WWII Veteran.  I don’t have relatives who … Continue reading

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