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One More Week

I had intended to get the post on the solar generator cart up this week, and then I sliced the h*ll out of an index finger, and typing is… well, “less than fun,” let’s call it.  It’s nothing permanently debilitating, … Continue reading

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Inching Closer to a Collapse?

Yes, I said I’d avoid “current events” posts, but frankly, things have been getting a bit strange. More so than normal. We’ve got a former FBI Director, and life-long Republican, going toe-to-toe with the current president (who got a big … Continue reading

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Seems to be Setting In

Well, a quick perusal of many “mainstream” prepper areas out there shows me that the notion of climate change is finally starting to sink in, on the Right–at least, among those who don’t have a vested interest (<ahem> Congress <cough … Continue reading

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Preparing for Not Collapsing

This post was inspired by a number of newspaper articles I’ve read recently, all of which addressed a financial issue from different angles. According to Salon, Millenials aren’t saving for retirement, mostly because they don’t believe capitalism will still be … Continue reading

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Whipsaw Weather

“In like a lion…” A deranged, manic-depressive lion, perhaps. We’ve had days of phenomenal weather, followed by rain, sleet, and snow.  Closer to the latter, as I write this. The various “spring” plants are coming up, though, and things are … Continue reading

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A Little Taste of Summer

The weather right now is being uncooperative. After a couple of warm days last week, we had an inch and a half of snow on Saturday, followed by low 60’s on Sunday. As I write this on Wednesday evening, we’re … Continue reading

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Backup Backups

It’s been an interesting week around the homestead. I’ve been on a pretty steady repair mode, as appliances have started going on strike. The biggest thus far has been the igniter on the oven. (The rest of the stove works … Continue reading

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